What is GRcube?

GRcube is a:

  • Water retainer that maintains up to 80% of its own volume in water
  • Soil conditioner
  • Unique indirect fertiliser – unlike most seasonal fertilisers GRcube remains in the soil for 8 years

GRcube is a slow absorber and through creating a unique bond with the soil structure, water is contained for a much longer period in the soil. As a result, GRcube is ideal for sandy, rocky soil type as the amount of humus/nutrients in the soil is low or nearly non-existent.

GRcube has been proven to improve the quality of rocky sandy soil through the breakdown of the micro-fibres within its composition. This process results in the conversion of GRcube (through micro fungus and micro-organism) into a natural fertiliser, supplying essential nutrients for plant roots to grow faster and stronger than regular plants, which then helps the plants become successfully established within sandy soil.



Water Saving

Reduces water consumption by up to 90% thus saving water and helps in water Conservation.

Water Info

Fertiliser / Soil

This product reduces the usage of fertilising components compared to the traditional landscaping and farming.

Fertilizer / Soil Info

Root Development / Agriculture

Root growth is stimulated. This leads to healthier plant growth.

Root / Agriculture Info

Yield / Maintanance

The GRcube component structure requires less maintenance of the ground and crop to produce a higher harvest, reducing labour costs significantly.

Yield / Maintanance Info


GRcube Features

  • Reduces water consumption by up to 90% thus saving water and supporting water Conservation.
  • Reduction in the usage of fertilisers, virtual elimination for the need of additional external fertilisers.
  • All-in-one soil conditioner and water retainer with incorporated NPK minerals.
  • Produces strong and healthy root development.
  • Improves yield.
  • One-time ‘Set & Forget’ long lasting application, biologically decomposing over a period of up to 8 years (research tested).
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Non toxic and harmless to humans, animals and livestock.
  • Enhances the establishment and healthier plant growth.
  • Increases high survival rates of newly established plants.
  • Has been tested rigorously in the Middle East and Australia on arid and semi arid land.
  • Reduces construction costs significantly in large scale projects.
  • Cost effective Maintenance.


Aims & Goals

Green GeoEarth supplies their product worldwide through a network of qualified distributors with or without the exclusive rights for territories or countries.

Our goal is to establish, within a relatively short timeframe, worldwide GeoRevive production lines through independent partners.

What GR-Cube Stands For

Conditioning soil
Ultimate water saving
Boosting growth
Enhancing harvesting


In 1984 intensive research and development of Geo Revive began. The Botanical Gardens in Munich supported this project.

The creation of GeoRevive involved long-term studies and biological testing until the product reached a point where it was tested in the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Bahrain).

Today, GeoRevive is regulated and holds the relevant certification/licenses required to be used in the current distribution network.

Our Goal

Let us regain land from the Desert, save water for our children. Increase the Havest on our fields without harming the environment. Let us invest in our future.


Our Projects at a Glance

We have selected a variety of projects based throughout the world to showcase the versatility and flexibility of GRcube operating in different climates and soil conditions.

GRcube is suitable for commercial and domestic use. It can be used anywhere green space or arable land is required. From cricket pitches, to hotel landscaping, from motorway banks to rice plantations, from potted plants to public gardens, from drought to monsoon conditions.

GRcube creates the right environment for plants to grow quicker and stronger whilst nurturing the soil and conserving water.

Click on any country below and see where GRcube has made a positive impact on our environment.


Highway Bahrain

Bahrain Project


Australia Project


Project China

Start Up Meeting

Start Up Meeting

Apple Orchard Bodensee

Apple Orchard Bodensee


India Project


Iran Project


Tunisia Project


Peru Project


Kenya Project



10-03-2022 | Introducing GR-Cube

After almost 24 months of development and over 3 years of evaluating field applications, we have completed the product GRcube. This is our contribution to water Conservation and bringing the worldwide water problem under control.

GRcube will be gradually available in different versions to adapt to all kind of requirements/applications.
This is a product with 80-90% water saving capability and is effective for at least 6 years. Modifications to the GRcube are planned in the future. These modifications will be optimized for special applications in agriculture, forestry and for simply all kind of green areas.
The teams are working towards a greener future.


25-05-2019 | Set up Peru partnership and projects

When you think of Peru you do not immediately think of water shortage. Unfortunately, the coastal regions where most people live, are very dry and the soils are very poor in nutrients. Here we plan to revolutionise agriculture with GRcube.

Together with our new partner, SOLUCIONES NAVALES S.A.C.- Green, we are very happy to announce that an agricultural customer will be using GRcube on their several hectare plantation – watch this space for updates on their progress!


01-12-2018 | official start of the cooperation H2O future growth Kenya

We are very happy to be in partnership with H2O future growth, a highly motivated team based in Vipingo.

Together, projects with the Pwani University and other interesting

projects such as mining reclamation and agriculture have started.

The partnership with H2O future growth is exciting as it will help many East African countries combat water shortage and help increase their agricultural yield.


We’re always here for you

Green GeoEarth provides the growth expertise in the field of landscaping, agriculture and horticulture in arid and semi-arid regions. Contact us, we’ll be delighted to help!


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